This is The World Of Darkness, where vampires are the apex predators. They dance their nightly Danse Macabre, they play their deadly games of intrigue and manipulation, spinning their webs, or tearing them down with words and deeds. Here, humans are marionettes, playthings, toys, distractions, and above all, food.

It is a dark, Gothic, and punk setting, with heavy apocalyptic overtones. These are, according to legend, the Final Nights of these creatures. Depraved elder vampires fear the newly-fanged broods, and do their best to keep them down. The newly undead, for their part, rebel and revel in equal measure.

This is a world in which vampires struggle to hold on to their humanity and conscience, even as it leaves them with every drop of human blood they consume. This world is dark, this world is loud, this world is dangerous, full of intrigue, full of danger, and very, very fun to play in.