Pacific City by Night

Fourth session
Third session: the fall of Celeste and Roy

Two Archons showed up, and started victimizing and growling at the player neonates
Under the cover of a protest, Wilhelm and his gang (Tony and Lucas) broke into a police station to try and recover evidence against Roy Hueghes. There was no evidence, as Roy was framed, and their little break-in resulted in a dead policeman.
The rest of the gang was investigating the werewolf situation, and decided to seek out silver weaponry. This included a discussion with Grolsh in the sewers, at the cost of one grand piano
The Anarchs want to recover the Box. Lucas tries to get a bulldozer to break down the police station, but manages only to scrounge up a Caterpillar
The other group also prioritizes the police station, so the two groups meet in front of the police dstation which actually did hold the box
After bashing down the wall, they got the box, killed a few policeman, set the place on fire, and Charles got caught on camera running in fear with blood streaming from his eyes
They gave the box to the Archons (why , oh why)
The two Tremere tried and failed to get rid of Celeste, and the house of Magnus, and half of his library, is burned down
To get rid of Celese, the gang enlists the aid of Reza and Maria
Their payments are the blood and soul of Charles, and Wilhelm cohabiting with Maria, respectively
Maria and Reza kill off Celeste, and Reza leaves the City
As per Archon’s orders, Roy Hughes must die, so he is shot dead by Vito. Wilhelm frenzies at the sight of this. This is all caught on camera by Nesrin and co.

Second session

Most of the session is spent cleaning up the mess left by the first session.

Two new vampire arrive in the city, Magnus The Magnificent, a Tremere (played by Kari), and Charles De Sevres, a Ventrue (played by Pacome).

Magnus proves his worth to the Pyramid by hading over the the Eternal Peace Cemetery, where Maria is currently absent. By a great set of hardships, the tear in the Shroud is closed, and the zombie epidemic is nipped in the bud.

The fortunes of the Anarchs wane for a bit, as the mayoral candidate backed by Wilhelm van Bremen is jailed on some trumped-up charges. It is not known who are behind these charges.

The dead, drained bodies, which constitute a massive Masquerade breach, are cleaned up from Raven Park, and the press investigation is suppressed through a joint effort by most vampires in the city. However, some bodies were found with rather ominous gnaw marks.

The Anarchs make a massive power play, organizing a mortal demonstration in front of the Prince’s haven, by revealing his an an ex-KGB agent. While the Prince is rather unfazed by this (one can always sleep at a backup place), the Anarchs use the confusion to break in and steal the ever-important Box Of Secrets. The police arrive just at that moment, and while the Anarchs can talk themselves out of being arrested, the Box is impounded by the PCPD.

The First Session: All Souls Night

Our story begins with the convening of an assembly in Pacific City, a nondescript city close to Seattle which bears no significance on America’s landscape for one crucial detail: it is a haven for vampires. Pacific City is led by the Prince Alderic Reed, a Gangrel alive several centuries who recently has become quite temperamental and erratic. At his side is his Sheriff, Carmilla D’Artes, a Toreador who gained prominence during the uprising of the Anarchs in the 60s by negotiating the terms of a peace agreement.

During the assembly the Prince is late and, irate and feeling somewhat threatened, demands that all Ventrue leave the city and stormed out of the party. Several other major players were introduced, including: Atticus, leader of the Anarchs within the city, Reza, an Assamite devoutist who snarled at the attending Tremere, and Celeste D’Orlay, a Lasombran priestess in the city only by the good graces of its leaders.

Vampires are quietly requested to investigate the Prince’s mansion and discover that it has gone up in flames. They now search for the Box of Secrets, Alderic’s collection of the darkest deeds committed by all city residents. Some turn to Celeste, who manages to convince a few to try and come to the church, particularly an enterprising individual obsessed with politics named Wilhelm Van Bremen.

There is an altercation in the park of some sort, and an explosive encounter (quite literally) with the Anarch Atticus. A few of the vampires attempt to make their way to a known necromancer named Maria Delgado who resides within a crypt, and who eventually tells them that Celeste doesn’t seem trustworthy. A few of the vampires return to Celeste’s church, where she is charmed enough by one of them to promise her aid in catching the Prince’s killer.

An altercation with zombies occur and Nesrin begins to frenzy before everyone else in the graveyard frenzies. The Ventrue Vladimir Jones makes a second trip to see Celeste’s church and deduces that she must have had some sort of connection with the Prince’s death, upon which she begins to rave and prove his hypothesis correct. For fear of being caught she uses Obtenebration to flee, vowing vengeance on Pacific City.

Another assembly is convened, when it is revealed that Carmilla has called in an Archon from another city to bear witness to the auctioning of the Box of Secrets. Certain Sabbat agents are revealed and executed by the Assamite Reza. The Anarchs within their ranks reveal themselves and pool resources to attempt to win the auction, but Carmilla flaunts her wealth and wins it herself, tossing the box to the first hapless person she sees. Vladimir then finds himself manipulated into making a Malkavian his Sheriff.


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