Pacific City by Night

Second session

Most of the session is spent cleaning up the mess left by the first session.

Two new vampire arrive in the city, Magnus The Magnificent, a Tremere (played by Kari), and Charles De Sevres, a Ventrue (played by Pacome).

Magnus proves his worth to the Pyramid by hading over the the Eternal Peace Cemetery, where Maria is currently absent. By a great set of hardships, the tear in the Shroud is closed, and the zombie epidemic is nipped in the bud.

The fortunes of the Anarchs wane for a bit, as the mayoral candidate backed by Wilhelm van Bremen is jailed on some trumped-up charges. It is not known who are behind these charges.

The dead, drained bodies, which constitute a massive Masquerade breach, are cleaned up from Raven Park, and the press investigation is suppressed through a joint effort by most vampires in the city. However, some bodies were found with rather ominous gnaw marks.

The Anarchs make a massive power play, organizing a mortal demonstration in front of the Prince’s haven, by revealing his an an ex-KGB agent. While the Prince is rather unfazed by this (one can always sleep at a backup place), the Anarchs use the confusion to break in and steal the ever-important Box Of Secrets. The police arrive just at that moment, and while the Anarchs can talk themselves out of being arrested, the Box is impounded by the PCPD.



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