Pacific City by Night

Third session: the fall of Celeste and Roy

Two Archons showed up, and started victimizing and growling at the player neonates
Under the cover of a protest, Wilhelm and his gang (Tony and Lucas) broke into a police station to try and recover evidence against Roy Hueghes. There was no evidence, as Roy was framed, and their little break-in resulted in a dead policeman.
The rest of the gang was investigating the werewolf situation, and decided to seek out silver weaponry. This included a discussion with Grolsh in the sewers, at the cost of one grand piano
The Anarchs want to recover the Box. Lucas tries to get a bulldozer to break down the police station, but manages only to scrounge up a Caterpillar
The other group also prioritizes the police station, so the two groups meet in front of the police dstation which actually did hold the box
After bashing down the wall, they got the box, killed a few policeman, set the place on fire, and Charles got caught on camera running in fear with blood streaming from his eyes
They gave the box to the Archons (why , oh why)
The two Tremere tried and failed to get rid of Celeste, and the house of Magnus, and half of his library, is burned down
To get rid of Celese, the gang enlists the aid of Reza and Maria
Their payments are the blood and soul of Charles, and Wilhelm cohabiting with Maria, respectively
Maria and Reza kill off Celeste, and Reza leaves the City
As per Archon’s orders, Roy Hughes must die, so he is shot dead by Vito. Wilhelm frenzies at the sight of this. This is all caught on camera by Nesrin and co.



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