Ash Rivers

Brujah club owner NPC


Ash Rivers looks like he has just left the set of a 1980s gangster movie. White suit, black leather shoes, neatly trimmed and gelled hair, coke in his pocket and a combative attitude in his head. He wants to bring the glitz and the glory of the eighties to this city.

Ash used to be an influential member of the LA scene. After a fallout with Smilin’ Jack, he had to leave the story rather hurriedly.

A long slog through unfriendly territory has taken him now to Pacific City, where he wishes to re-build his entertainment empire, and find a safe haven for a while, at least.

OOC: He is a mid-level, socially focused Brujah ex coke-head. While you cant take him on one-on-one, you have a good chance if you team up on him either influence-wise, or in combat.


Ash Rivers

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