Alderic Reed - Deceased

The former Prince of Pacific City, now deceased.


Among the vampires of the Americas, Prince Alderic counts as a proper Elder, having seen close to 250 years pass by in mortal or damned form. Back when he first became prince, he did so with some reluctance, but defended the territory won at the cost of his pack-mates with vigor. His goal was to run a just and fair city where Kindred and Kine would equally flourish. He was often mistaken for a brute, but his animal spy network gave him more control over the city’s vampires than any Ventrue could hope to hold.

Lately, in the five years following the second failed Sabbat invasion, he has become even more paranoid than before. He has not been seen for weeks on end, and always re-emerged with signs of Frenzy. While his spy network is still all-encompassing, his grip on the city is slipping somewhat. He has become paranoid, borderline delusional, rash, and completely tyrannical. His outbursts of savage rage might be feared by the neonates, but it is only his Box Of Secrets, and the animal spy rings that provide its contents, that keep him in power. Sooner or later, he will fall, and the city will fall with him.

Alderic Reed - Deceased

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