Elder of the Nosferatu and nefarious tunnel dweller.


Grolsch moved into the tunnels of the second line of the Pacific City Subway shortly after construction started. He claimed most of the lines as his fief, and refused to budge, much to the chagrin of Alderic and the disgust of Carmilla. He has been egging some members of his clan on to take a more active part in the nightlife of Pacific City. Specifically, he has started to muscle his way into the seedier parts of the entertainment business, earning the ire of most other clans. He has also sent quite a few of Alderic’s animal spies back to the prince in boxes. Grolsch and Alderic tolerate each other’s presence for the moment, but both are waiting for the other to make a mistake.

Recently, Grolsch has begun to move even further into expanding his power base within Pacific City due to the sudden demise of Alderic and the even swifter reinstatement of his unsure replacement Vladimir. After his daring move to light former Sheriff Atticus Finch on fire, only time will tell how active Grolsch becomes in laying claim to the city.


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