Lucas Ward

Headstrong Brujah gang lander, Anarch and running into the worlds problems face first


Impatient and headstrong with a big drive to take the clan with him up the long trudge to a better life. Toes will be stepped on, probably a few times…. quite hard, on the way up but that’s the way Lucas likes it.

As a Brujah and a particularly lawless one he is really a bit short on real respect for authority of any sort though he is still sane enough to feign the bending of the knee when required until he has got more of a grip in this new world of possibilities.

Originally a dockland gangbanger and light thief Lucas realized he was way too smart for this shit and moved downtown to the headier heights of extortion, drug dealing and protection. Carving out a nice little niche and building up his own little collection of ragtags and rejects he looked on like a family. When one of his runners went missing he took it personally and took to the streets searching. Finally tracking through his connections he was tipped off to what was, unbenownced to him to be a Brujah enclave. A lot of posturing and a few blows later and he had hit the floor, soundly bested, but not before showing enough metal to wake up embraced.
Now with his new gifts he’s got whole new games to play. He’s still left with all his underworld and street connections and a few boys in blue who are still in his pocket. However he’s now slightly torn between his new family with the Brujah and lingering loyalty to his old ragtag human gang who will still jump to time to help their boss out. Aslong as he can keep the frenzy in check; an ever more worrying task.

Lucas Ward

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