Reza Fatir - Not in the city

An Assamite schismatic currently NOT in the city


When the Antedeluvian of the Assamites awoke, he ordered the culling of his own clan. Reza Fatir, and his brothers in faith, fled their ancient homelands for shores more tolerant. Then again, tolerant is not the word used to describe Alderic, or for that matter, Reza. While he does not walk the Path Of Blood, he shares his clan penchant for assassinations and vampiric blood, and it is only the mailed fist of the Gangrel Prince that keeps him in check. Like all Assamites, he harbors a particular hatred for the Tremere. If the mangled corpses washing up on the shores are to go by, he spends quite a lot of blood trying to find a way to break the ancient curse placed on his clan by the Tremere. Should he succeeded, a feast of Diablerie is sure to follow.

During the first session, he got into an argument with Celeste D’Orlay, stemming from their religious differences, and Celeste’s infernalism. He also killed two members of the Pacific City vampire population, after it was revealed that they had Sabbat and Infernalist connections. His victims were Jacob Chasseur of Clan Toreador (played by Elwin), and Makarios of Clan Tremere (played by Kari).

Reza was entirely off-screen during the second session.

The Player Characters finally had enough of Celeste D’Orlay during the third session, but realized they could not best her on their own. Reza Fatir was thus hired to dispatch Celeste. He asked for the payment of diablerising one of the player vampires, and Charles of Clan Venture (played by Pacome) volunteered. After a long fight, in which he was aided by Maria Delgado, he bested Celeste. Battered, beaten, and his main rival dead, he decided to leave the city.

Reza Fatir - Not in the city

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