Vladimir Jones

A spy of the Ventrue clan and the current Prince.


An everyday job for Vlad, investigating a closed facility in case the Americans hid something worth spying there. Turns out there was a gangrel on a hunt there. Being used to stealth probably helped not ending up as a meal. What didn’t help was the report he sent back to Moscow. That reached a high ranking officer, who just happened to be a member of the ventrue clan. Spies in high up places and all that. Seeing the potential, the Pacific City Ventrue were quickly notified and Vlad was Embraced.

Seeking to make the most of unlife, Vlad enjoys using his abilities to dig up dirt on people and his media influence to spread the news wide if blackmail didn’t work. Helping other vampires achieve their goals is also fun, as long as they pay adequately.

Currently involved with working with the Nosferatu spies, Vlad is your average spy-turned-vampire with ambitions to become someone important as soon as a promotion opportunity arises, usually when someone higher up gets demoted due to some old scandal cropping up again. What a shame.

As of this time, Vlad is the current Prince of Pacific City, with the Malkavian Herja operating as his Sheriff. For her crimes against Kindred-kind, breaking of the Masquerade and cold blooded murder of Alderic Reed Vlad has called a blood hunt on Celeste D’Orlay. Only time will tell with regards to how successful this becomes.

Vladimir Jones

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