Location List

Pacific City is divided into four Quarters for the purposes of the LARP (probably represented by four tables in the room). If need be, we will condense this down to two areas (University+Docks, Woodward+Nugget Valley).

Each Quarter has several things in it to fight over.
An Influence Building, where you can modify your Influence by using your Backgrounds, or risking your current Influence rating.
Two hunting grounds, each assigned to a distinct Clan. These are fiefs granted to the Clans by Prince Alderic. Members of a Clan may only feed in their assigned Hunting grounds. On the flipside, they are free to police their own hunting grounds as they wish.
A local Elysium. This is neutral ground, where vampires are free to meet and mingle without fear of violence.
A local NPC influence zone. One of the powerful NPC characters of Pacific City has interests in this area. The NPC influence zone is theirs ad theirs alone, and they may kick PC vampires out with impunity.

Please note that these descriptions have not yet been completely updated with rearrangement/redistribution of Hunting Grounds and areas of influence under the regime of Vladimir Jones.


Home to the J.C. Osgood Private University and the wealthiest echelons of Pacific City’s society, this quarter is also the personal playground of the Prince and his Gangrel cohort. Those who dare tread here without proper respect do so at the risk of bringing out the animal just beneath the surface of this savage clan, although such a risk may be worth it for the riches and wealth lying just beyond its gated walls. Remember that dress code for functions here is black tie, high heels and your brightest smile.


With the scent of salt in the air and seagulls perched on every roof, the docks are a hub of activity and life. Whether one wishes to stake a claim in the import and export business or to revel in the fine arts, the docks are a place of perpetual possibility. Its nighttime inhabitants are split between the passionate Toreador and the magical Tremere, with the former having a somewhat more significant stake in Pacific City due to their leader’s prominent position as the Prince’s facade. The area is no stranger to territory conflicts, so for the new and uninitiated it may be easiest to keep one’s head down… unless you have the guts to carve your name in history.

  • Pacific City Museum
  • The Grand Union Hub
  • Lakeside View Estates
  • The Dockside Housing Projects
  • Mosque of Fatima the Martyr


For every citizen wearing Yves Saint Laurent or sipping on a flute of Moet there are two or three struggling to survive. Pacific City mostly belongs to the high and mighty, but what little is available to those at the bottom of the pyramid is situated here. Desperation and prayer go hand in hand, with Nugget Valley housing only the poorest and most destitute. For their transgressions, or to hear them say it, for their distaste for high society, its is the Brujah and the Nosferatu who claim this area as their own. The northeastern and northwestern corners have been claimed by the Anarchs and the ex-sheriff, and they have yet to be dislodged.

  • The Chinese Theatre
  • The Old Believer Church of St. Sergius
  • Osgood National Park
  • The Tenements
  • Ayers Street Community Housing
  • Anarch Incursion


While somewhat energetic during the day, filled with seers and Wall Street wannabes, it is only from dusk till dawn that the Woodward District truly shines. This is the hottest place in town, the place to see and be seen if you’re a party creature of the night, and no one is more keenly aware of this than those whose prey flock here night after night. The Ventrue have claimed part of this area for their own after being ousted from the University Quarter by the Prince, and the Malkavians flocked here after the closure of The Sacred Heart Mental Hospital.

  • Zarya
  • The Old Hole
  • Zenith
  • The Prometheus Group
  • Everwood Cemetery

Location List

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